About Us

Briarwood Pool has been at the heart of its Pierrefonds community for over 50 years. In the early 1960s, a local homeowners’ association sought to build a pool in the area as a means of recreation for the booming housing development full of young families, as well as a way to help improve its youngsters’ swimming abilities and water safety training.  The original member families banded together to finance the process themselves — no small feat! — and the Briarwood Swimming Association was born.

Though many sites were considered for the construction of a neighbourhood pool, including parks on both nearby Gravel and Brook streets, it is eventually on Pavillon street that the Association broke ground to build its facility, and after much fanfare (and more than one setback)  it finally opened in 1967. Since then, hundreds of families have enjoyed the pool each summer, whether it’s by participating in lessons and teams, to attending family barbecues and awards nights, or helping out at special events.

Today, families can enjoy all of the services the pool has to offer each summer: swimming, synchro and diving lessons (including Bronze Medallion/Cross) taught by qualified lifeguards, competitive teams, Aquafitness classes, and free swim for children and adults. We also have a stocked canteen for your post-swim munchies, a barbecue pit for weekend get-togethers, plus a day camp service available for eager swimmers!

Come join the Home of the Sharks this summer, and you’ll see for yourself why Briarwood is the place to be when the temperature’s rising!